PLEASANTON RAGE 4 – 0 Academia – June 13, 2024

By: Cara Paton

On June 13, 2024, RAGE played an exciting game against Academia. Both teams played amazing soccer and made it a very entertaining match. 

Straight from kick-off, RAGE brought a lot of energy, getting their first shot off by #15 Towle in the 1st minute of the game. The shot went wide, but RAGE continued to bring their passion to earn them more opportunities. Shortly after, #2 Siddiqi received the ball and dribbled into space, taking a shot from a distance that unfortunately went over. 

In the 9th minute, RAGE’s efforts paid off. #15 Towle dribbled down the line and cut in centrally to take a shot that deflected off the goalkeeper to RAGE’s #8 Pelegrin who scored from the rebound. 1-0 to RAGE.

RAGE continued to up the intensity and create chances in front of the goal while limiting Academia’s chances by playing a high and effective line that caught Academia offside twice in the first 20 minutes of the game. In the 20th minute, RAGE’s #5 Saucelo played the ball through to #8 Pelegrin who was 1v1 against a defender, yet she managed to hit the ball high and over the head of the keeper, earning RAGE their second goal of the game. 

Despite RAGE’s effective possession and pressure, Academia got a significant breakaway. Academia’s #4 Lau hit the ball over players to #9 Phillips who was 1v1 against #0 Todd on the right side near-post. #9 Phillips shot the ball high and on target, yet #0 Todd’s great diving save prevented a goal for Academia. 

Finishing out the half, RAGE controlled the possession and play,  giving them many opportunities to score again. RAGE’s #8 Pelegrin passed to #5 Saucelo in their counterattack, putting #5 Saucelo in a 1v1 against the defender. She managed to get a shot off, but it went wide. RAGE got a few more chances, but there was nothing to change the score by halftime. 

Starting the 2nd half, Academia brought more energy to the game, challenging RAGE’s back line. Academia’s #10 Ceja was 1v1 on RAGE’s goalkeeper #0 Todd, however, #0 Todd was able to push her wide, preventing her from getting any shot on goal. Shortly after, Academia’s #11 Bracha passed to #7 Wilson who got an open shot on goal, yet it went inches over the crossbar. 

RAGE responded to Academia’s improved play by getting themselves many 1v1 opportunities in front of goal. RAGE’s #7 Griffith was 1v1 against Academia’s keeper but tight pressure resulted in her shot going wide. In the 66th minute, RAGE’s #16 Hasty was 1v1 against the keeper, but a defender behind her pulled her back, preventing a goal-scoring chance. Later, #7 Griffith passed to #17 Larez, and #7 Griffith received the ball back for a 1v1 against the keeper, yet her shot was saved. Following the save, Academia created a counterattack, that resulted in a shot toward the top right of the goal, that was saved by #0 Todd. 

In the final minutes of the game, RAGE’s pressure paid off. With 6 minutes remaining, Academia’s keeper #1 Allen passed across the goal to her defender, yet her pass was intercepted by RAGE’s #17 Larez who shot and scored, making the score 3-0 to RAGE. And in the final minute, RAGE’s #11 Ziem dribbled the ball with phenomenal pace down the left side of the pitch. Two Academia players attempted to tackle her but she continued to drive past them, crossing the ball into #7 Griffith who scored RAGE’s fourth goal. 

RAGE’s excellent team effort resulted in a well-deserved 4-0 result. 

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