PLEASANTON RAGE 1 – 2 Oakland Soul – June 20, 2024

By: Cara Paton

RAGE played Oakland Soul in their second-to-last home game of the season on Thursday, June 20, 2024. The game was highly competitive and entertaining for the large crowd of both Soul and RAGE fans to watch.

The game started with high intensity and competitiveness by both teams, making it an even match. In the early minutes of the first half, RAGE’s #8 Pelegrin lobbed the ball over a Soul player to #17 Larez who dribbled down the right side and shot high towards the goal. The goalie palmed the ball, but it went over her head and into the goal, making it 1-0 to RAGE. 

Soul began to up their intensity in response to RAGE’s lead. In the 12th minute, a Soul player was 1v1 against RAGE’s goalkeeper #0 Todd, but #0 Todd saved the shot. Shortly after, Soul got a breakaway on goal, with one of their players creating a dummy by leaving the ball to #35 Murison. #35 Murison dribbled down the left side in a 1v1, and scored a near-post goal, making the score 1-1. 

In the 20th minute, yet again, #35 Murison was 1v1 on goal and hit the post for a deflection back into the center of the box. A RAGE player and Soul’s #20 O’Kane tussled for the ball, resulting in a foul on #20 O’Kane and a penalty for Soul. Soul’s #35 Murison took the penalty and scored it right and low, resulting in a 2-1 score to Soul. 

In the final 12 minutes of the half, Soul got another close chance. Soul’s #20 O’Kane was 1v1 against RAGE’s goalie #0 Todd, but #11 Ziem sprinted back to defend and tackled to regain possession for RAGE. 

To finish out the half, RAGE got two close opportunities on goal. RAGE’s #2 Siddiqi switched the ball with a long and high ball to #17 Larez who was wide open on the right wing. #17 Larez cut in and shot, yet the ball went slightly over the bar. Shortly after, RAGE got a far-out freekick near the 40-yard line. #18 Moseley took her chance to shoot on goal, making a very close opportunity, yet it went over the crossbar. 

Starting the second half, RAGE got the majority of the chances in front of goal. RAGE got 2 corners in the opening minutes, but with a lot of commotion in the box, no goals came of it. Shortly after, RAGE’s #11 Ziem played the ball through to #8 Pelegrin who beat the defender for an open shot on goal, yet her shot went over. 

In the 62nd minute, Soul’s #20 O’Kane shot outside of the box into the near-post low, yet it was saved by #0 Todd and out for a corner that came to nothing. Right after, RAGE’s #11 Ziem got a yellow card for a side-by-side battle down the wing. Soul received a free kick, but nothing came of it. 

Soul got the last major opportunity in the final five minutes of the game. #28 Mirr dribbled down the right side and did a step-over to give herself an open shot on goal. Despite her effort, #0 Todd saved the shot. 

The final score stood at 2-1 to Soul. Both teams fought hard, making it a very equal and entertaining match. 

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