By: Cara Paton

RAGE played their 3rd home game of the season against Olympic Club. The game was well played by both teams and closely contested

RAGE and Olympic Club had an even first half with both teams having many opportunities to score. Within the opening minutes of the match, RAGE had the first shot on goal, with #19 Ko dribbling the ball and passing it back to #5 McDonnell who dribbled towards the goal and shot wide.

In the 10th minute, an Olympic player shot far from the 18-yard box towards the top  corner, yet it was blocked by #0 Brown and out for a corner. #8 Wilson took the corner and crossed it in, but it was blocked by #15 Towle. Shortly after, Olympic received another corner, taken yet again by #8 Wilson who crossed it in for #9 Donati who then dribbled the ball away from the goal and out of trouble to shoot from further out, but was saved by #0 Brown. Olympic continued to make great plays, shots, and set pieces, but nothing reached the back of the net. 

RAGE began to create more opportunities as the half progressed. #15 Towle dribbled through many players in the midfield and passed to #8 Benson who dribbled down the line and shot towards the near-post, giving RAGE a corner that came to nothing. Shortly after, #16 Kim took a shot from far outside the box narrowly missing as it sailed slightly over the crossbar. In the 30th minute, #8 Benson intercepted the ball and got fouled by an Olympic player, leading to a free kick outside the box. #16 Kim took the kick, however, it went too high over the top left post. 

In the final 9 minutes of the half, Olympic got a close opportunity. #8 Wilson got a clear shot on goal, yet it hit off the left post. It bounced back to #10 Nishimoto who gave Olympic another shot on goal, but RAGE’s #2 Siddiqi blocked it and the ball went straight into #0 Brown’s arms. The half finished out with both teams getting a couple more opportunities but nothing led to a goal. At halftime, the score ended at 0-0.

The game continued to remain even, although, RAGE got more close opportunities in front of the goal. In the 47th minute, #7 Pearson dribbled down the line and shot from an angle on the left, but it went wide. Shortly after, RAGE got a very close chance at scoring. #16 Kim passed diagonally in the middle of the field to #7 Pearson who was 1 v 1 against the goalkeeper, but she shot the ball wide. 

Towards the end of the game, after an offside decision against RAGE, the Olympic keeper took the freekick, giving RAGE the chance to intercept. The goalkeeper was able to return to her box without RAGE getting a lob over into goal, but #7 Pearson and #17 Larez got a close chance. #7 Pearson passed the ball over the goalkeeper to #17 Larez but RAGE again drew an offside call. 

The game finished with both teams getting close chances. RAGE’s #18 Moseley took a large touch that was intercepted by Olympic, giving them a shot on goal, but it was saved by #1 Todd. RAGE’s #15 Towle dribbled down the line and into the center, passing it to #8 Benson who shot outside the box and hit the crossbar.

Ultimately, neither team could score a goal, resulting in 0-0. Both teams fought hard but could not capitalize in front of the goal.  

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