PLEASANTON RAGE 2 – 2 San Francisco Glens – June 26, 2024

By: Cara Paton

RAGE played their final home game of the 2024 season on Wednesday, June 26 vs. San Francisco Glens. The game was very entertaining and proved a very competitive match. 

Starting the first half, the Glens had the most possession and chances in front of goal. In the 7th minute, Glen’s #22 crossed into #14 who almost got a shot off, yet the ball was passed with too much pace. Shortly after, the RAGE keeper fumbled the ball, and RAGE’s #11 Ziem tackled the Glens player to prevent a goal. The Glens got many crosses in front of the goal and shots near and on target, but RAGE’s defense was able to absorb the pressure by blocking and clearing.

RAGE began to pick up momentum in their attack. In the 13th minute, RAGE’s wide-open #3 received a cross-field switch. She cut back and crossed it in from the right to #21 who hit a half-volley that just went over the top corner. Shortly after, RAGE’s #15 passed to #21 to send her through on goal 1v1 versus the Glen’s keeper. She attempted a shot, but the Glen’s keeper blocked the shot with her foot. 

And in the 24th minute, RAGE’s persistent effort paid off. RAGE’s #21 played the ball through to #8 Pelegrin who took off, with pace, while being closely marked. Despite the defensive pressure #8 Pelegrin was able to take a shot at goal, with a perfectly weighted chip that went over the keeper’s hands into the top left corner, resulting in a 1-0 lead to RAGE. 

The Glen’s responded with an effective attack, putting RAGE’s #3 in a 2v1 situation. #3 had to defend Glen’s #14 and #20, but her pressure gave #14 a shot on goal that was easily saved. Shortly after, the Glen’s players beat RAGE’s defense. The Glen’s player with the ball dribbled down the line and crossed it to her winger running wide open down the line, however, the cross was made with too much power and went wide. 

The half ended 1-0 to RAGE.

RAGE started the second half with intensity and were able to quickly double their lead. In the 54th minute, RAGE’s #8 Pelegrin intercepted a bad pass back by the Glens and played the ball to #15 Towle, who shot in the right top corner for a 2-0 RAGE lead. 

Following RAGE’s lead, the Glen’s made many opportunities for themselves. In the 58th minute, the Glen’s #22 was 1v1 on goal vs. RAGE’s keeper # Todd. #22 shot on target, but Todd managed to save the shot with her foot. Soon after, the Glen’s #7 dribbled against RAGE’s #11 Ziem who timed her tackle perfectly to stop the Glen’s momentum in their attack. 

The Glen’s continuing pressure paid off in the 77th minute when Glen 22 received a switch ball and crossed it into #7 who scored making it 2-1 to RAGE. 

Towards the final stages of the game, the intensity amped up and the home crowd cheered on as they watched the grit and impressive play from RAGE. This was the best home performance of the season against one of the league’s top teams and RAGE deserved the win. However, the Glens got a controversial freekick central and right outside the box in the final minute of the game which they capitalized on, resulting in a goal, with the final score of the game ending in a 2-2 draw.

The final result was unfortunate for RAGE, yet they still fought hard and gave the fans a very exciting match to watch. 

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