Pleasanton Rage vs. Stockton Cargo – June 11, 2023

By: Reese Foster

June 14, 2023

In last Sunday’s game, Pleasanton RAGE fell to Stockton Cargo 2-0 after a well fought, fierce game. 

For the first few minutes of the game, both teams were getting a feel of their opponents and trying to maintain possession. It wasn’t until the 11th minute that the first major attacking opportunity was created. Stockton Cargo midfielder Haley Bosard (#9) won the ball in the middle and played a ball to her teammate Yareli Hernandez (#2) who was running behind the RAGE defensive line. Hernandez received the ball inside of the RAGE box and took a low shot that went right into the hands of RAGE keeper Sadie Brown (#0). In the next minute, Bosard again wins the ball and plays a lofted pass right into the RAGE box. Cameron Silva (#6) attempts to receive her teammate’s pass however RAGE defender Alessandra Towle (#15) shields the ball away from Silva until Sadie Brown can scoop up the ball. 

Pleasanton RAGE immediately responded to Stockton’s attacking chances, hungry for their own scoring opportunities. In the 15th minute, Maviric Lek-Miro (#5) played a ball wide to Towle dribbled down the line, cut into the middle to beat her defender, and passed to midfielder Penny Murphy (#10). Murphy then played a one touch pass back to Towle who shot a floated ball that was saved by Stockton keeper Mya Sanchez (#1). Late, RAGE created a dangerous oppurtunity when they gained a corner in the 35th minute. A floated ball was played directly into the center of the box and RAGE center foward Trinity Sandridge (#12) got her head on the ball. The header shot flew towards the top right conrner of the goal but was stopped by Sanchez (#1). 

In the last major attacking opportunity of the half, Stockton foward Alexis Brewah received a throughball and faced a 1v1 against RAGE keeper Sadie Brown (#0). Brewah shot the ball low and close to Brown who was able to easily block it. The first half ended with a 0-0 score.

The second half had a particularly exciting start when Stockton was able to build up the ball and play it into the RAGE box. The ball was bobbling around and Stockton took a shot right in front of the goal. The first shot was blocked but ricoched out to another Cargo player who shot once again. However, Sadie Brown (#0) dove to block the ball that was going toward the bottom left corner of the goal. 

About 51 minutes in, RAGE mid Penny Murphy (#10) drove the ball through the middle of the field and cut around three Cargo defenders. She then passed to Sandridge who was able to get RAGE a by playing the ball of her defender. Kennedy Mayo (#11) gets a thigh on the ball but before she can take a shot, Sanchez punched the ball out of the box. 

Stockton gained the first goal of the match in the 60th minute. Midfielder Abigal Souza (#13) received the ball in the middle, dribbled, and took a shot from outside the box. The ball flew over RAGE’s keeper and straight into the top net of the goal. Cargo again created another close attacking change 15 minutes later when Hernandez (#2) receives a ball against the sideline, drives toward the endline and crosses a low ball into the RAGE box. Center forward Kassandra Ceja (#11) receives the cross and takes a shot on her second touch but the ball ended up heading right toward Sadie Brown who quickly picks it up to play out. In the same minute, RAGE counter attacks as Mayo (#11) dribbled and crosses a ball into Stockton’s box. Her ball found her teammate Alexis Randolph (#17) who headed the it just wide of the right outside post. 

Stockton Cargo found the net once again in the 83rd minute. Hernandez carried the ball and crossed into the RAGE box where only one RAGE player was defending. Anaya Shelton was running in behind her defender and finished the cross one touch. 

Despite great effort from booths sides over the whole duration of the match, Stockton Cargo was ultimately able to finish their chances and get the result.