Pleasanton RAGE vs. Stockton Cargo – June 2, 2024

By: Cara Paton

RAGE’s second home game versus Stockton Cargo on Sunday, June 2nd, was a very well-played and entertaining game of soccer by both teams. Cargo brought a large number of supporters including an enthusiastic drummer.

RAGE started very strong in the 1st half by keeping the majority of the possession, despite Cargo’s pressure. RAGE’s #7 Lek-Miro received the ball from a pass by #12 Saucelo and got double-teamed, then pulled down by Cargo’s #15 Bostard. RAGE received a freekick from this, yet it came to nothing. Again, RAGE’s #7 Lek-Miro got fouled by Cargo multiple times, but nothing came of the freekicks given. In the 12th minute, RAGE got their first shot on goal, taken by #16 Kim, however, it went straight to the keeper #0 Plachy. Soon after, RAGE’s #22 O’Sullivan got tripped outside of the box and won a free kick. #22 O’Sullivan shot the ball towards the right top corner, but it went wide. 

Despite RAGE’s many opportunities to score and majority possession, Cargo got a significant breakaway. In the 18th minute, Cargo’s #17 Kern received a pass as she was wide open on the right wing. #17 Kern drove down the line and crossed the ball into #25 Sanders who shot and scored the ball low. Shortly after, Cargo got a corner, taken by #2 Curtis, and RAGE’s goalkeeper #0 Brown, the goalkeeper, tapped it out. 

RAGE upped their intensity and were able to create more opportunities. In the 20th minute, RAGE’s corner taken by #22 O’Sullivan was crossed in amongst a lot of commotion, but it came to nothing. Right after, #7 Lek-Miro reached the goal line and did a cutback to #22 O’Sullivan who couldn’t manage a shot. RAGE continued to persist by taking many shots on goal. In the final 7 minutes of the first half,  #22 O’Sullivan crossed the ball to #16 Kim who shot the ball right and low into the back of the net. 

The score at halftime stood at  1-1. 

At the start of the 2nd half, RAGE made a goalkeeper change putting #1 Todd in for #0 Brown. The first half started evenly, with both teams getting chances to score. In the 51st minute, Cargo’s #12 Sayfurhman did a through ball to #17 Kern who crossed it to #11 Shelton who shot the ball over the crossbar. Soon after, RAGE received a freekick on the 30-yard line, taken by #16 Kim who shot the freekick beautifully into the top right corner of the goal. This took the score to 2-1 for RAGE.  

Unfortunately, RAGE’s lead was short-lived, in the 63rd minute Cargo received a penalty from a tackle in the box. #12 Sayfurhman took the penalty and scored low and right. The score stood at 2-2. 

 RAGE continued to fight for an equalizer. Cargo’s #25 Sanders and RAGE’s #6 Xu both went for a challenging header that resulted in #6 Xu being fouled and #25 Sanders receiving a yellow card. Cargo continued to rack up the cards, as #15 Bostard pulled at RAGE’s player who was through on goal. From this, the referee gave #15 Bostard, a red card and RAGE a penalty. Rage #16 Kim took the penalty to attempt to complete her hat trick, but unfortunately, the goalie read her shot and it was saved. 

In the final moments of the game, RAGE got very close chances to win the game. In extra time, one of  RAGE’s players kicked the ball over the goalkeeper’s head right in front of the goal, but a defender was able to track back and clear it just before it went in. Despite their efforts, they couldn’t score to win the game. 

The final score stood at 2-2. Both teams played an entertaining and competitive game of soccer. 

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