Interview – Zinet Siddiqi
By: Reese Foster
June 24th, 2023

Zinet Siddiqi is an extremely talented soccer player for Pleasanton RAGE and has helped her team immensely throughout the season, playing as a center and outside defender. I had the opportunity to talk to Siddiqi this past week, and she shared her story of how she fell in love with soccer as well as what her life looks like as a successful player in the present day.

“How did you get into soccer?” :
“Being the youngest of 4 girls, my dad, after having three daughters, raised me like he would a son. He was always encouraging me to form an interest in sports”. Her dad had played soccer throughout his life and had fallen in love with it, so he urged her to begin playing and practicing as much as she could.

“What are some triumphs or favorite moments of your soccer career?” :
Siddiqi told me that in 2016, as a sophomore in highschool, she was chosen to play on the Afghani Women’s National Team. She said that one of the reasons she is so grateful for this opportunity is because it allows her to “…be a role model in an area that doesn’t have much representation for women in sports”. Siddiqui explained that being an inspiration for young players, especially girls, is a huge reason for why she chooses to play. Coming from an area where it was hard to become recognized as a successful athlete, Siddiqi wants to show other girls that it is possible to stick with a sport you are passionate about and find success.

“What does your daily life look like?” : “My life definitely revolves around soccer so everything I do is planned around it.” Along with playing for the Afghani national team, she also plays for two leagues in the U.S. However she told me that when she isn’t out on the field, she spends her time working as a chiropractic assistant and hangs out with her friends and family.

“What has your experience been like playing with RAGE and what is your favorite part about being a player on the team?” :
Finally, Siddiqi talked about her experience playing on the Pleasanton RAGE team. She says her favorite part about being a player on the team is the community and environment. “I was not a RAGE alumni [meaning she did not play for the youth teams] but the people on this team immediately made me feel like I had played here for years.” Siddiqi stated that she is grateful for all of her teammates and coaches she has gotten to know while playing on the team.

Zinet Siddiqi is a wonderful player who continues to be an asset for Pleasanton RAGE. She is also a role model for young players who hope to be like her and a kind and inspiring person.